High pressure washing

Washing and deburring with high-pressure water jets up to 850 bar pressure

A 6-axis articulated arm robot and 13 different, independent cleaning tools achieve the best results for you when cleaning and deburring your components. 

What can our new robot do?

Our robot is extremely mobile and flexibly programmable. Complex internal and external shapes or drill intersections are no problem for the robot when cleaning and deburring. Burr flakes, mold separation burrs, core sand residues and chips - you no longer have to worry about these in time-consuming manual work, our robot does it for you. And it does so cleanly and thoroughly in a way that was previously impossible. 

The washing processes are defined and tailored to your component. This means you can be sure that your cleanliness requirements will be met reliably and with consistently high quality for each individual part. 

Extra: to ensure that your cleaned parts do not become soiled again during assembly and packaging, we can, on request, assemble, package and ship everything for you, ready for dispatch. We are also happy to offer you sealing (with expander, glued or pressed). Take a look at our assembly and logistics services. 

Our state-of-the-art washing and deburring cell is unique in Switzerland! 

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